Discover more about Lewis and Clark on this website

Whether you are an academic researcher, a student or a fan looking for more information, go to to learn more about the explorers and their times. You can also find the website by typing Discover Lewis & Clark into your browser.

Operated by the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, the website is the world’s most comprehensive online source of Lewis and Clark information. The website’s home page shows what happened on this date during the expedition. There are also special features on the website’s home page.

The website has more than 2,100 pages about the expedition and the time period on the website. These include articles about the journey, a look at what happened on this date, the lives of individual explorers, natives encountered during the journey, paintings by well-known artists, and, among other offerings, photographs of places where the explorers traveled.

In addition, Yellowstone Public Radio provided 627 short broadcasts about what happened daily on the expedition from May 14, 1804, to Sept. 25, 1806.