About Lewis and Clark

Considered to be among the world’s 10 most famous explorersMeriwether Lewis and William Clark led an expedition through a largely unexplored region of America from the fall of 1803 to September 1806.

Known as the Corps of Discovery, the expedition that journeyed through the wilderness was comprised of 33 soldiers and civilians. Among them was a slave and a teenaged Shoshone woman and her baby. A large Newfoundland dog also traveled with the expedition.

The explorers laid a foundation for U.S. relations with Native Americans tribes they encountered. They recorded 174 plants and 134 animals previously unknown to science. They drew maps that became important in the country’s westward expansion.

Both leaders, as well as some of their companions, maintained detailed journals that told the story of vast landscapes and opportunities. The information encouraged and helped pioneers in the nation’s westward expansion.